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Scar Camouflage | Collagen Induction Therapy

We have helped a number of clients in treating areas around the areola following surgeries.  These surgeries can be from:

Breast Augmentation

Nipple Reduction

Nipple Necrosis

Breast Reduction

Gender Transition

Each client has a different healed result, which may result in different treatments being recommended.

For example:

A) Someone who is wanting to blend the Areola colour (pink, brown, caramel) outwards over the scar area - this treatment is a simple one and we can implant ink into the skin.  Please note the Areola will feel slightly larger as we are increasing the coloured area.

A minimum of two treatments are required - a third depending on the scar tissue 

£200 per treatment

B) Someone who does not want to increase the coloured area of their areola.  This treatment is more lengthy as we will be working on the scar tissue to improve and correct the area.  The treatment plan for these treatments is:

Microneedling the area (with no pigment) this is carried out every 4 weeks, a minimum of 4 treatments are required.

£200 per treatment with Kally or £ with Absolute Skin Clinic.

Following an improvement of the scar we can re-assess and the last step is to implant pigment.

£200 per treatment

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