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Nipple Tattoo's - Areola Tattoos - 3D Areola

Please bear with me at the moment ladies

3D Areola Nipple Tattoo

(Nipple Areolar Complex) NAC Illusion Tattoo's

Kally is a cosmetic tattoo artist who offers 3D Hyper Realism Tattoos on the body to look like real protruding nipples.  Kally provides this service to Breast Cancer survivors across the UK. Many of Kally's clients have had full mastectomies and breast reconstruction, and often nipple reconstructions too.  This unique artistic skill has won Kally numerous awards and is currently the UK's Best Areola Artist (voted for by industry peers).

About Kally

I am passionate about offering the best services to each and every client who comes to my clinic held at Absolute Skin in Hitchin, Hertfordshire.

Breast cancer affects thousands of women across the world everyday, I believe if we can offer something to help each patient feel better after their surgeries then they should be able to receive something beautiful.

Treatment - We allow 60-75 minutes per 3D Areola Nipple Tattoo, plus an additional 30 minutes pre-consultation pre-draw and colour selection.  During the current COVID pandemic please arrive alone, we are a town centre location so any friends or family can pop for a coffee while you have treatment.  Please arrive with a 3ply Face Mask as we will be working closely to your body.

Every 3D Areola Tattoo is a two step treatment, this means we fully complete each tattoo on the first session and then ask you to return for a second treatment 8 weeks later. 

Areola work is one of the most rewarding

Nipple & Areola Tattoo Training

If you thrive on the amazing treatment of Permanent Make-up, and have realised the potential in making a real difference to how people look and feel about themselves, then this amazing skill will elevate that potential.  Giving you the relevant skills and techniques to be able to help all survivors of Breast Cancer and other surgeries.


 Delivered personally by award winning artist Kally Moorhouse, this paramedical areola nipple tattooing course will teach you how to create hyper realistic 3d tattoos. 

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