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NipBlush or AreolaBlush


There are many reasons why someone may want to have darker nipples, often this is found in a lighter skin type client who naturally have very pale nipples.  Some may suffer from a condition called Vitiligo, this is where the body melanin cells stop producing the colour of the surrounding skin.  This condition leave white patches of skin which can be re-pigmented to a degree*

This treatment is suitable for enhancing Inverted Nipples and Flat Nipples.



With Vitiligo any trauma to the area can trigger another patch to appear, we do require the patient has no new patches or changes for the last 6 months.

For a pale nipple we can tattoo at any point.

If the patient has had surgery or scar which is needing to be re-pigmented then we must wait 6 months post surgery. 



Kally is a trained AWARD WINNING Areola Tattooist, meaning she is trained specially in this area. Kally treats hundreds of clients each year and has a recognised unique style.


Bookings are available to be booked online and we have the following options:

PAID CLINIC - This option is for clients who are wanting to pay personally for their treatment, treatment prices start at £250 per nipple per session. The balance after deposit will be taken on the day.



PRIVATE MEDICAL INSURANCE - Kally is a registered tattooist and recognised with BUPA, AXA, VITALITY and other private insurance companies. BUPA will provide you with a reference number which we will need to take to process the claim.  Other insurance providers will ask you to either pay for the treatment and make a claim, or we process the claim our end.  For more info email Carly at


MODEL SLOTS - Kally is an international teacher and trains other tattoo artists in the skill of 3D Tattooing.  Due to the popularity of Kally's technique we have many students booking onto training courses.  Kally teaches in small groups or one to ones, and we are always on the look out for models who are happy to have treatment carried out during a lesson.  All students are pre-trained and will have completed days of training and pre-study before they work on models.  If you are happy to be a model please email Carly at and we will be able to book you in to a slot. 

Please note we take a £50 deposit against all appointments, we have had to do this as unfortunately we have had a number of 'no-show' failed appointments which means everyone looses out. 

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