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Ways to pay

We have numerous ways to manage payment for treatment
  1. Paid Clinic - our usual pay for treatment option
  2. Instalments - if you require assistance to pay over instalments please select this option.  Please note a booking can be made once your first instalment has been taken
  3. Balance Paid - this is where you pay your booking fee and the rest is taken care of by Kally
  4. Private Medical Insurance - if you have private health insurance claim for your treatment either with a Reference code from BUPA, or pay and use your receipt to make your claim
  5. Model & Demonstration Treatment - Kally teaches her 3D Realism technique to students across the globe.  If you would like to be considered for this treatment please email

1. Paid Tattooing Clinic

These spaces are available in Kally's usual clinical diary, these spaces are chargeable at the rates of:


Single Unilateral 3D Tattoo £250 per session  - £50 Booking Fee, balance taken on the day 

Double Bilateral 3D Tattoo £350 per session - £50 Booking Fee, balance taken on the day

Scar Camouflage* for Breast Surgery £250 per session - £50 Booking Fee, balance taken on the day

Areola Blush | Re-Pigmentation & Enhancing (for larger scars, inverted nipples, pale nipples or nipple enlargement) - £300 per session - £50 Booking Fee taken, balance taken on the day

Nipple Enlargement or Nipple Reduction (Illusion Tattoo) £300 per session - £50 Booking Fee, balance taken on the day

Radiation Marker Camouflage FREE of charge

Micro-needling - from £100 per session - price dependant on size and area

ALL Areola tattoos, regardless of the type 'may' need two session 8 weeks apart. This is for perfecting and tweaking. Please note we ask for pictures before you book in your second session, or, if you have already got both appointments in the diary we will require a picture to ensure we have the correct time booked out in the diary.

All treatments are chargeable at the same cost, we split the total treatment price to make it more affordable for you. 

To book the Paid clinic please BOOK ONLINE HERE

2. Instalments

Instalments are an option to help spread the cost.  We charge no additional %, we simply break down the amounts into more affordable chunks.

Please note if you wish to use the Instalment Subscription option no appointment will be made until the first payment has been paid and cleared.  *Please note that it says you can cancel at anytime on the screen, however please note this is not an option as you are paying for a treatment.

Unilateral 3D Tattoo - One Treatment £250

4 Instalments of £62.50

Unilateral 3D Tattoo - Two Treatments £500

4 Instalments of £125

Bilateral 3D Tattoo - One Treatment £350

4 Instalments of £87.50

Bilateral 3D Tattoo - Two Treatments £700

7 Instalments of £100

3. Free 'Balance' Clinic
No Balance to pay on the day, have your treatment on us!

Kally has offered this Friday Free clinic for the past 5 years, and it has proved to be a very popular choice, offering an amazing treatment for those who may not have the funds to pay for treatment.  This clinic runs only on a Friday and we take referrals from authorised surgeons. 

We have an APPLICATION form for patients who would like to apply for a space.  please note these spaces do get booked up and therefore the wait can be quite some time. We can only offer these treatments to patients who have been referred to us by a pre-approved surgeon. *Please note these treatments are not funded by any Hospital, Trust or Charity these treatments are offered by Kally Pro Bono "For the public good" 

There is a £50 fee for each appointment, like a deposit however this covers basics such as admin, consumables, stock, insurances and of course time.  There is no balance to pay on the day.

4. Private Medical Insurance

Kally is registered with the BUPA and the Private Practice register as an approved tattooist, this means if you do have private medical insurance and they are happy to pay for your treatment this can be claimed back via the insurance company. Always best to call your insurance provider to see if this type of treatment is covered under your policy. 

Please email to check before booking your insurance company has Kally as a registered tattooist. If you have you can go ahead and book in for the PAID Clinic option online.  Please select the PAID Clinic and write

5. Model or Demonstration

Every Month students from across the globe travel to learn with Kally, these students are all previously trained in Permanent Make-up and Tattooing and are learning Kally's Technique and an amazing new skill.

During this training Kally require a 'Demonstration Model' where she will complete the treatment in front of the students.  Each student (usually 4) will also require a model to work on.  This is an amazing opportunity as these students are very skilled and are constantly monitored throughout training. We do not charge for these treatments, however due to a few 'No Show' bookings we do ask for a returnable £50 deposit.  This is classed as a confirmation payment and so far has worked to eliminate any potential no show clients. 

To find out about availability please email and speak with Carly who will be able to advise you the next available space.

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