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Paramedical Treatments

Paramedical treatments offered by Kally and her team are offered to help patients with the lasting effects following surgeries, birth marks, and trauma.  The treatments we offer here can help in many ways, from the visible look to the emotional.  We aim to help in the revision and restoration of your skin and body parts.

Tattooing is where we implant INK into the skin to create a Blend or Illusion

Ink-less Tattooing is where we work with Scar Revision to repair scars with NO INK.  This is where we use a serum instead of INK

How we can help

We will try to list as many treatment reasons here that we come across on a daily basis, this may be an unusual request to something we do lots of on a daily/weekly basis.

There is no treatment we would not consider... if you have an area which you feel may benefit from a Tattoo Treatment or a Scar Revision Treatment please do get in touch.  Email:

3D Areola Nipple Tattoo

This treatment is a Body Tattoo, created by Kally who is a multi-award winning international Artist. Kally is renowned for creating the most realistic, 3D looking realism tattoos.  Click here for Kally's instagram page to see for yourself...  INSTAGRAM

3D Tattoos are created where the real nipple was removed by surgery, or where necrosis left no remaining nipple.  The 3D Element is very effective on flat skin, however we can work with nipple reconstructions too.  A nipple reconstruction is where the surgeon has made a new nipple (the protruding part) out of skin with an 'origami method'. 3D Areola Nipple Tattoo*

ParaMedical Nipple Tattoo

This treatment title is for all other services where someone may need the service of tattooing to help rebuild or perfect a nipple this can be for a wide range of reasons. *Medical Areola Tattoo

  • Breast Augmentation - where the nipples were moved during surgery and a scar is visible

  • Breast Reduction - where the nipples and skin tissue are moved and removed and more scars are formed

  • Necrosis - this is where the attempt was made to keep the nipples after moving them to their new location, however unfortunately the nipples lost the blood supply and the tissue dies.  This means the nipples or tissue starts to turn black and falls away.


Gender, Non-Binary, Transition Tattoo

Many people are completing their surgeries to change and make themselves feel more like the way they feel on the inside.  There are a number of surgeries and names for these changes.  The following are what we have seen so far in clinic.  We treat many people following their surgeries to create the perfect nipples for their body. *3D Areola Nipple Tattoo

Gender affirmation surgery refers to procedures that help people transition to their self-identified gender.

  • Sex reassignment surgery (SRS), gender confirmation surgery (GCS) these are recognised terms for the surgical procedures to help people transition to their self-identified gender. 

  • Top Surgery - this is the term referred to for removal of the breasts to make a more gender neutral form. Often the original nipples can be moved and reduced in size, or, the nipples can be completely removed.

  • Mastectomy - another term for the removal of Breast and Chest skin and tissue.  Mastectomies are more commonly mentioned when we talk about cancer related treatments.

  • Feminisation Surgery is where we see Breast Augmentation surgeries take place, this results in us helping to create more feminine nipples.  We do this with Nipple Enlargement* 

  • Masculinisation Surgery is where we see Breast Reduction surgeries take place, this results in us helping with the scars around the new smaller nipples.  We do this with Breast Uplift Tattoo*

  • Non-Binary is where we will see Top Surgery/Mastectomy take place, this results in us creating new Male or Female 3D Areola Nipple Tattoos* 


Areola Nipple Reduction - Areola Nipple Enlargement - Areola Pigmentation - Areola Neutralisation

We are all born with our own unique nipples and areolas.  Over time these can get darker or lighter, they can change from surgeries or injury or simply due to age.  With the illusion of Tattooing we can help change the visible look of the areola and nipple. *Areola Pigmentation - Areola Enlargement/Reduction

  • Nipple Reduction, we see many patients come to us after consultations with surgeons. The surgeons are reluctant to sometimes carry out surgery to reduct the areola.  The surgeries have risks and the after healed results can leave lasting scars.  With the tattoos we can help with the 'Illusion' and make the areolas appear smaller in size.  This ideally needs to happen on someone with very little areola colour.

  • Nipple Enlargement, this can be due to small areolas since birth.  Some people are born with small areola's and nipples.  We can enlarge these with the illusion of tattooing.

  • Areola Pigmentation - AreolaBlush this is where we can add colour to the areola.  A pale nipple, which is a great size can be enhanced with a simple AreolaBlush treatment.

  • Areola Neutralisation, this is where a brown nipple can be masked to look like it is 'pinker'. 

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