I am passionate about offering the best services to each and every client who comes to my clinic at Absolute Skin Clinic in Hitchin.

Breast cancer affects thousands of women across the world everyday, I believe if we can offer something to help each patient feel better after their surgeries then they should be able to receive something beautiful.

Treatment - We allow an hour per areola and nipple tattoo, plus an additional 30 minutes pre-consultation pre-draw and colour selection.

Follow up - Not all skin types hold the ink after the first session and we offer a follow up appointment 4/8 weeks later to make any adjustments. 

Cost - There are 4 options available;

1 - Friday Free Clinic - Currently this list is closed as we are fully booked for 2019.

2 - Private Health Insurance - If you have private Medical insurance we may be able to claim the treatment back. Please email hello@absolute-skin.co.uk

3 - Paid Clinic - from £200 per session

4 - Model or Demonstration days, these treatments will be carried out by either myself or an already trained technician on a training course.  These treatments are all free of charge.  As training is happening more often and more students are learning we are able to treat more ladies sooner.

For ALL enquiries please email info@kally.co.uk 




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